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Tola’s Room in Northeast Baltimore is a vibrant hub of Puerto Rican heritage and culture, blending personal narrative, historical exploration, and community engagement. Founded to honor Puerto Rican and Nuyorican experiences, it emerged as an art therapy project following the death of the founder’s father in 2013. The space hosts exhibitions, workshops, and collaborations, fostering a sense of belonging and continuity within the community.


Emphasizing the acknowledgment of ancestors and the local Diasporican community's histories, Tola’s Room preserves cultural heritage and facilitates future exploration. It offers immersive experiences through interactive exhibits, curated to evoke a deep connection to Puerto Rican culture. Founder Christina Delgado is dedicated to empowering visitors to explore their identities and histories through the comfort of a home experience.

As the sole Puerto Rican culture hub in Baltimore, Tola’s Room not only serves as a sanctuary for cultural reconnection but also extends an invitation to the Boricua community to consider it their second home. It embodies the resilience and spirit of the Puerto Rican community, enriching lives and leaving a lasting impact on Baltimore's cultural landscape.

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Christina Delgado

Christina Delgado, a Baltimore-based photographer, designer, and curator, delves into the intricacies of self and identity through her work. As a Nuyorican transplant from New York City to Baltimore, her lens captures the fusion of cultures and the evolution of personal narrative. Delgado’s portfolio reflects a profound reverence for family and homeland, showcasing how these elements can be both sources of pain and avenues to healing and self-affirmation.

At the heart of her creative journey lies Tola’s Room, a sanctuary for Puerto Rican heritage nestled in Northeast Baltimore. Named after her daughter, Omotola, this immersive museum and cultural space stands as a beacon of representation in the city. Delgado’s commitment to arts equity extends beyond her own endeavors; she serves as an advisor, mentor, and teaching artist, fostering creativity and inclusivity in the community. With a seat at the table of numerous advisory groups and boards, Delgado continues to shape the cultural landscape of Baltimore and beyond.


Photograph by Jefferson Liu, 2023.

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