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Visit Tola's Room or Reserve the Space for Your Event.

Explore the rich history and culture of Puerto Rico by exploring three levels of our home museum and culture space. Immerse yourself, discover the local boricua narrative, and gain a deeper understanding of Puerto Rican culture through this unforgettable experience. 


Plan your visit to Tola’s Room by choosing a self-guided tour where you can interact with the space evoking your senses, read and follow prompts along the way. Staff will be available to answer questions. Or, choose a guided tour where a staff member will share the history and purpose of the museum while highlighting the inspiration behind our latest exhibition.


Tola's Room partnered with UMBC for their Interdisciplinary CoLab project, offering paid summer internships for students to create visual pieces promoting community visibility. The team collaborated on designing an interactive virtual tour, ensuring equal access to the museum for those unable to visit in person. Thank you to UMBC CoLab Cohort Members: Amanda Negrete, Dharmini Carrillo, Amanda Negrete, and Dr. Maria Celleri. 

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