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June 15, 2024: MiCasaSuCasa, 4th Annual Anniversary Event 

Celebrate Tola's Room 4th annual anniversary event. Attend a Dream Mask Collage Workshop with Baltimore-based artist Ram Sueno and stay for a Dance Party and Art show featuring local Puerto Rican artists.

March 17, 2024: Taino Symbols Linoleum Printmaking Workshop

Learn about the Taino symbols and their connection to Puerto Rican culture while creating your very own Taino linoleum stamp & print during this 3-hour workshop. With guidance from art scientist & culture worker, Annette Ortiz, you will leave with a linoleum carved block stamp and one print to take home. Participants are encouraged to bring images to use as inspiration and additional fabric to stamp, e.g., fabric scraps, clothes, housewares, bags, etc.

November 12, 2023: LO Baltimore | Buen Provecho: Comida, Cultura y Conversación

Art gallery tour of Pa Mi Gente, a landmark exhibit showcasing nine Puerto Rican artists local to Baltimore (both past and present). This will be accompanied by a reflective community conversación about our food cultures that is at the heart and soul of the phrase, buen provecho. Catering by Cane de Sucre.  We encourage you to come ready for dialogue and sharing your own family recipes and food traditions as we engage over a communal table.

October 22, 2023: Tranquilo Tranquility Yoga in Herring Run Park

Join us for a movement meditation to feel still, peaceful, strong, and nourished. We will meet at Tola's Room and walk to Herring Run Park. Open to all bodies and levels! Fresh, home-made Smoothie Bowls available after class.

August 13, 2023: #BmoreBoricuas Archiving Project

Join Tola's Room in partnership with Maddox Photography to create cyanotypes that capture the essence of the Diapsorican narrative. This project is the first of a series entitled #BmoreBoricuas Project, to archive past & current histories of Puerto Ricans in Baltimore City.

July 23, 2023: Passion & Pride: Discover Belair-Edison’s Public Art and Puerto Rican Cultural Hub

Join Baltimore Heritage for an art walk & talk in Belair-Edison with artist, curator, and community organizer Christina Delgado! The tour will include a history of community art projects along Belair-Edison’s Main Street and sections of Herring Run Park. We’ll also talk a little about the history of the neighborhood, which was once known as Georgetown. The tour will end at Tola’s Room, with delicious empanadas by Cane de Sucre.

June 24, 2023: Un Verano en Baltimore

Eat delicious Puerto Rican street food from Cane de Sucre and Tola's Room. Vibe to curated summer tunes by DJ JustJuWit. Tour our home museum and partake in our La Marqueta flea market sale! The event entitled, Un Verano en Baltimore, plays on the name of a famous salsa song by El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico, Un Verano en Nueva York. June is a time of celebration for Puerto Ricans in New York City, Chicago, and other parts of the US Mainland. Tola’s Room is continuing that tradition en BAL-TIMORE.

December 10, 2022: Navidad Boriken

Join Tola's Room for an intimate holiday celebration paying homage to la isla, Boriken. Enjoy a traditional 3-course Puerto Rican holiday meal served community style, while experiencing a dazzling performance by vocalist-composer Irene Jalenti and bassist-composer & arranger Ed Hrybyk. Afterwards, tour our fully immersive & interactive home museum and be one of the first to see the official release of our #BmoreBoricuas brand. This holiday tribute to our culture will have something for all to enjoy.

June 18, 2022: I ❤ PR Passion

Tola's Room serves as a collective of the arts, community, and education. Last year we embarked on our first solo project—an interactive culture museum concept, entitled Puerto Rican Passion. The goal for this project was to pay homage to the Puerto Rican-Nuyorican cultural experience and history by curating a fully immersive space, with the hopes to influence and inspire others to share their own cultural story. This June marks one year since our first project and what better way to celebrate than with a party! I ❤ PR Passion is our anniversary celebration & fundraiser. Our goal is to continue our dream of being a collective space dedicated to the arts, community, and education, while also serving as the only Puerto Rican cultural hub in Baltimore City. Enjoy a day filled with culture and passion, to include the unveiling of our third level, new exhibits, featured treats from The Empanada Lady, and so much more!

December 11, 2021: Nochebuena Night Market & Museum

Step into a fully immersive Puerto Rican holiday experience that will tantalize the senses and invoke feelings of family & home through food, music, holiday vendors, and interactive art.

October 21, 2021:  La Bodega a Puerto Rican Culture Museum & Market

BCAN is teaming up with Tola's Room to bring you "La Bodega: A Puerto Rican Culture Museum and Market." We'll be totally interactive as we explore Puerto Rican cultural and familial traditions with authentic food, music, exclusive vendors, and interactive exhibits. Join us for an intimate evening of community, culture, and celebration!

June 12, 2021: PR Passion 

Puerto Rican Passion is a culture museum curated with the Nuyorican flavor of artist, educator, and community organizer Christina Delgado. Drawing on cultural perspective, lineage, experience, and Boricua sabor, Puerto Rican Passion will tantalize the senses and invoke feelings of family and home through food, music, and interactive art.

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